Monday, November 21, 2011

Research Quotes

Topic: Mentalities of Serial Killers

Lamberg Lynne. (1998). Mental illness and violent acts: Protecting the patient and the public. JAMA,280(5),

""The vast majority of persons with major mental disorders," he said, "do not commit violent crimes.""

This article explores the opposite side of the argument on which my paper will make. It will allow my reader to hear both sides of the spectrum, as well as teach me the counter facts.The article proves that mental disorders and crime are not strongly linked; in fact, it proves that major mental disorders reduce the likelihood of violent behavior.

Anderson William E. (1999). Can personality disorders be used as predictors of serial killers?.Futurics, 23(3,4), 41.

"Another mental disorder that is beginning to receive more attention as a possible indicator for violent behavior and serial murder is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)"

This article links several different mental disorders to serial killers and their behaviors. It will be helpful as to pointing out which mental disorders are common in past serial killers. It explores the different variations of mental disorders that explain the murderers motive and phases of his or her life.

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