Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does sex trafficking occur in the United States?

Tonight I attended a presentation by Mara Hvistendahl to gather FlexPoints for my Human Sexuality Class. Hvistendahl wrote a book called "Unnatural Selection: Sex Selection and Asia's 160 Million Missing Females." During her discussion, she mentioned that the unbalanced men to women ratio increased sex trafficking. I have heard about sex trafficking earlier and was interested but never did any further research. I assumed it only happened in Europe ("Taken" featuring Liam Neeson) and Asia.

When I returned to my dorm, I typed 'Sex Trafficking in the United States' into my Google search and my screen blew up with dozens of websites discussing just this. I was sort of shocked. American is suppose to be some sort of ideal country, but obviously its just as sketchy as other countries. Then questions started coursing though my brain. I want to know who does it, who are the targets, is it mostly female or are boys trafficked too, what is the market, who are the clients, is the government involved at all, are there any survivors, and so on.

My den is probably going to think I am some sort of sex fiend by taking Human Sexuality, writing on legalizing prostitution, and now this! I can't help it that it's interesting! Hopefully this will work for my paper. I'm super excited!

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